Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

On this page you find an overview of the frequently asked questions, as well as, solutions for frequently occurring problems.

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Product information

Price and purchasing information

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Product information

How can I use the trial version?
When you install Ranking Toolbox for the first time it runs as trial version. In trial mode you can use some of the functions with only one URL.
What is the difference between the Standard and Professional edition?

Since version there is the Standard and the Professional edition. The difference is that the Professional edition includes free membership at Link Partner Depot for one year.
How can I send you my opinion or send requests for new functions in future releases?

We welcome all your suggestions and ideas! Please send them to Our developper staff will take a look at your ideas and integrate them into future releases if possible.
How can I take part in future beta tests?

If you wish to take part in future beta tests please send an email to

Price and purchasing information

How much is Ranking Toolbox?

Ranking Toolbox costs € 99,95. If you wish to order the product go to the ordering page.
Is there separate pricing for educational institutions?

There is no separate pricing for Government or educational institutions.
Can I test Ranking Toolbox before purchasing?

You can download the test version and test it.

Upgrade information

I already have a previous version of Ranking Toolbox. What are my upgrade options?

For more information on our upgrade options refer to the ordering page.
I bought Ranking Toolbox weeks before the new version was released. Do I have to pay the full price for the latest version?

If you bought Ranking Toolbox 60 days before the first release of the latest version you are entitled for a free upgrade. Please send an email including your ordering number to our support team.
Does AceBIT offer cross upgrades (for the products of competitors)?


Support information

Why do I have to register my product?

If you register your product your unlock code is stored to our database. That way we can check the number for you at any time. Registered users also benefit from software offers and are informed about upgrades or updates of the product.
What is the difference between unlock code and activation key?

Please note the following difference between the activation key and the unlock code:

- The unlock code is sent to you after having ordered the software.
- The activation key is requested in the software by clicking the "Request activation key" button.

The unlock code was personally created for you and allows you to unlock your software to full version. Please save your unlock code in safe custody, as it is required for unlocking the software.

The activation key is generated automatically by our server and it is sent to you by email. Please request a new activation key whenever you unlock the software anew. Do not store your activation key as it can be changed at any time.

Please make sure that you have entered the activation key and the unlock code into the corresponding fields when unlocking your software.
I have lost my unlock code, how can I retrieve it?

If you have ordered Hello Engines! and you wish to view your ordering details please contact our customer service. You can also send an email to our support team . Enter your name, address and where applicable the name of your company.
How can I report bugs or errors in the documentation?

If you wish to inform us about bugs or documentation errors or if you wish to send us suggestions or requests for new functions, please send an email to our support team. Our developper staff will review your reports and requests and integrate them into one of the next product releases if necessary.
Where do I get help for Ranking Toolbox?

On the Documentation page you will find tutorials, the complete user help, and manuals in PDF format.
What is the product activation for?

The activation is done during the unlocking process of the freeware or test version. You can perform the activation via the Internet. Only the details you have entered during activation are transmitted to AceBIT. No other information is transmitted.
I don't receive the activation key.

If you are using a proxy server please make sure that it is correctly configured. For more information refer to your help file.

If you are using (Software) firewalls deactivate firewalls, internet security software or others before you start the activation. Or configure them that they do not block internet access for the program.

Please also make sure that the email including the activation key is not deleted by spam filters.
Can I install my copy of Ranking Toolbox on several computers?

Yes you can install Ranking Toolbox on 2 computers for your own use. However, you are not allowed to hand over your personal licence to third parties.

Technical information

I have installed the trial version. After 30 days I get the error message "Sorry, but your 30-day trial has expired! Please, register your copy at".

This problem only occurs in the trial version 4.0.1 of Ranking Toolbox 4.x. Please download the latest version from our website and install this version on the existing installation.

Unable to uninstall Ranking Toolbox.

If you wish to uninstall the application, open the Windows Explorer and delete the file rankingtoolbox.exe in the folder C:\Program Files\AceBIT\Ranking Toolbox. Now you can restart the installation program to uninstall Ranking Toolbox.

If you wish to change or update the application via the installation program, download version 3 here:

In the new installation program this error is fixed. When running the new installation program the old and faulty one is overwritten automatically.

Ranking Toolbox remains an open process in the Windows Task Manager after it was terminated.

This might be due to the following:

You are using ""Share To Web"" by Hewlett Packard.
This application causes some memory troubles, which might lead to the fact that Ranking Toolbox is not removed from memory completely.

We recommend to uninstall Share To Web or to only start it if required.

Why does version 3.0 offer a doorway page module even though you do not recommend doorway pages?

We still advice customers against using doorway pages!
However, we like to leave it up to our customers if they want to use doorway pages.

Not to mention that there are, however, cases in which using doorway pages might be reasonable. For example, for websites with dynamic content.

We offer our customers a sophisticated doorway page module and the chance to achieve the maximum of success using this method."

When I start the ranking analysis, I get 0 hits at almost all search services!

Download the latest engines.cfg file here.
The latest search engine database is available in this file.
Extract the downloaded file into the Ranking Toolbox program folder (e.g. C:\Program\AceBIT\Ranking Toolbox\) and overwrite the existing file.

Is it also possible to optimize dynamic websites with the Ranking Toolbox?

Yes, you can also optimize dynamic websites (e.g. website that were created using PHP or ASP) with the Ranking Toolbox.
To optimize dynamic websites with the Ranking Toolbox, analyze a URL of your website. You can integrate the tips for optimization that are displayed into your HTML version of your scripts.
The famous search services (like google or altavista) now also include dynamic websites in their index. That is why optimization of dynamic websites is also worthwhile.

Can I use the Ranking Toolbox to optimize websites of customers?

Yes, you can. You can analyze and optimize as many websites as you like.
In version 2.0 or higher you can also create your own templates to customize the created reports according to your company design.

What does "value for refresh" in the optimization report mean?

Refresh is an automatic update or an automatic forwarding to another URL. This is specified in the HEAD section of your website:

<meta http-equiv=""refresh"" content=""10;
URL= /"">

Search engines only accept these forwardings, if they occur after a specific period.
In general you should do without these forwardings, unless your websites benefits from them.