In the Keywords section, you enter the catchwords, which people might use to find your website at search engines. To get to this program section, click Ranking/Keywords, or click Next after having entered your URL(s) in the URL(s) section.

Enter one or more keywords into the Keywords section. Enter a keyword in the respective field and click Add. If you wish to add more keywords that are related to the already defined keyword click the Suggest button. The program searches for related keywords which you can add to your keyword list.

HINT: Note that the program does not suggest completely new keywords. It searches for matching keywords on the basis of the keyword you entered.

The following buttons are available:


Opens an existing text file containing keywords.


Adds the content of the clipboard.


Saves the keyword list in a text file.


Deletes selected entries from the keyword list.


Deletes all entries from the keywords list.