My Account

The My Account section displays information and status pages of your Link Partner Depot account. The following options are available:


My Personal Data

On the My Personal Data page, you can view and edit your personal data.

If you click Update Information, your data is updated with the recent changes.


IMPORTANT: If you change your data, make sure that you enter a valid email address and that you fill in all the fields marked red.



On the Settings page you can make the settings for your account.

Select how often you wish to receive the automatically generated emails by the program:

Click the Update button to save the settings.


In addition, you can select when you wish to get an email:

Click the Update button to save the settings.

In the third step you can select whether you wish to automatically select link partnerships that do not conform to your expectations. Enter the number of days after which these link partnerships are to be deleted and click the Update button.



On the Preferred page you can enter which websites you prefer for your parnterships:

Then click Add to save your entries. Then a list appears displaying your preferred website for the link partnership. To delete entries from the list, click the Remove button at the end of the corresponding entry.



On the Blacklist page you can define the sections which you wish to exclude:


My Rating

On the My Rating page, you find the recent rating by Link Partner Depot. The rating depends on your activity in the system and is influenced by the following factors:


HINT: The rating by Link Partner Depot is not performed immediately, but automatically in regular intervals. In some cases the updating of the rating can take some hours.


Open Issues

On the Open Issues page, you find status information about your Link Partner Depot account. It is recommended to visit this page regularly. Here you find information about inquiries for link partnerships that have not been answered yet, or other system relevant issues.


HINT: The Link Partner Depot system gathers information in regular intervals. In some cases the updating of this information can take some hours.