My Links

In the My Links section you find all your links. The following options are available in this menu:

Create New Link

The Create New Link page allows to accept a website in the Link Partner Depot system. Fill in all the fields that are marked red and click the Submit Information button to add the data to the Link Partner Depot system.


My Block Links

Confirming popularity links often appears to be a difficult and time-consuming job. Link Partner Depot allows to create block links which ensure that your link is included in the block links of your partner when accepting block links. The content of the link and the website where the link will appear are of no interest.

On the My Block Links page you can verify the block links to make sure that your partner includes the links on his website. Otherwise his rating will be affected negatively.


My Approved URLs

On the My Approved URLs page, you find all your activated links. Links that are still in the activation waiting queue are not displayed.

You can search for a link partner for each link listed here, or you can view already existing link partnerships.

In addition, you have the possibility to change the properties of a link or to delete it from the system.


HINT: Before you delete a link, you need to cancel all the link partnerships that exist for this link.


My Waiting URLs

On the My Waiting URLs page, you find the links that are in the activation waiting queue and need to be verified by a Link Partner Depot administrator.


My Links Validator

Select option My Links Validator to validate your active links. That way you can see if the established link partnerships are kept.