My Partnerships

The My Partnerships menu displays all your active link partnerships with other Link Partner Depot users. To view details about the respective links and partners, click Partnership, User Name or Task.

In addition, the following options are available:


Find Partnership

On the Find Partnership page, you find a list of all the links that are available in the Link Partner Depot system. Using this list, you can find potential link partners.

If you click on New Partnership, a selection of links is displayed which are available for link partnerships. By clicking Request Partnership the respective partner is informed about your request for link partnership. Click Cancel to abort the selection.


My Requests

The My Requests page displays all the open - not confirmed - requests for link partnerships which you have sent to other users.


Request From Others

The Requests From Others page displays all the requests for link partnerships which were sent to you by other users.

In addition, you are informed about a partnership request by email.

Your response time concerning link partnership requests affects your ranking. If you answer quickly to a request, your ranking is increased. If you wait more than one week before you answer, your ranking is affected adversely.


My Partnerships Validator

Select option My Partnerships Validator to open a window where you can select and validate the corresponding items.


Schedule Partnerships Validator

Select option Schedule Partnerships Validator to define when you wish to validate your link partnerships: