HTML Editor Settings

Here you can make the following settings:


Show gutter: If this check box is checked, a gutter is displayed. On this gutter you find numbers, if the Display line numbers option is selected.

Auto indent: Check this check box to indent for example tables.

Use tabs: If you want to use tabs, check this check box. You can select the width of the tabs from the Tab Width drop down list.

Drag & Drop editing: If this check box is checked, you can move tags and their contents as you like.

Display line numbers: If you check this check box, each line gets a number. This may be useful if you try to find a specific line.

Highlight tag brackets: Define the color of the tag brackets.

Highlight matching tags: Select the color of tags belonging to the same container.

Editor font

Name: From the drop down list, select the font type for the editor.

Size: Select the font size for the editor.

Color: Select the color of the background. By default, no color is selected.



Here you select the colors for the code highlighting. To do so, select an entry from the Attribute window and choose a foreground and background color. In addition, you can select between Bold, Italic, Underline and Strikeout.