Doorway page wizard: step 3

In the third step of the wizard, you can edit the predefined parameters. The program uses eight parameters.

NOTE: You cannot delete these predefined parameters in the program. However, you do not need to use all tags. If you do not wish to use some parameters, you can delete them from the template.

To add a new parameter, do as follows:

  1. Click Add.

  2. In the displayed dialog box in the Caption field, enter a name for the tag. This is the name that appears in the list.

  3. In the Tag field, enter the desired tag. This tag is then replaced in the template by a specified value. Select a non-ambiguous identifier.

  4. Then click OK to close the dialog box.

NOTE: Tags you have created by yourself are only available for the respective project. If you create a new doorway page project, only the standard tags are available.


Step 4