Doorway page wizard: step 5

In the last step of the wizard, you generate the doorway pages:

  1. Click Generate, to generate the doorway pages in the specified folder.

  2. Upload the content of the generated folder to your website, and submit your files to search engines (but not to directories!).

  3. Click Save to save your project.

This step is important because otherwise search engines cannot index your doorway pages. This is due to the fact that normally doorway pages forward to your main website and never the other way round.


By clicking the Multi-Submission button you can submit the created doorway pages to search engines by using Hello Engines! Professional. This function is very helpful as you do not need to enter the created URLs manually for submission.

TIP: Submit each of the created doorway pages separately to search engines, to make sure that they are indexed. If you do not submit the doorway pages, it may happen that some search engines do not include them automatically, which means that there would be no use of the created doorway pages.