Doorway Pages

The Doorway page module creates sophisticated doorway pages. You can decide whether you wish to use the provided template or your own perhaps more efficiently created template.

In addition, the Doorway page module allows you to define your own tags, so that you can generate individual and optimized doorway pages.

NOTE: Doorway pages are HTML documents which aim to achieve a better ranking at search engines and to attract more visitors to your website.

To generate doorway pages using the Doorway page wizard, follow the wizard's steps.

NOTE: In general, we do not recommend to use doorway pages (see articles on the Ranking Toolbox website  and Hello Engines! website)
However, in some cases the use of doorway pages may be reasonable. In addition, it is up to you to decide if you want to hazard the consequences of using doorway pages for improving your website's ranking. We offer you the tool for it, but you make the decision.