Welcome To Ranking Toolbox!

Ranking Toolbox is a unique collection of new and powerful tools which help you to gain the maximum of success! Optimize your website now using Ranking Toolbox and be surprised about the top position you will get at search engines!

Using Ranking Toolbox, you can do the following:

  1. Determining the position of your website at search engines.

  2. Analyzing search engines to find out why certain websites rank higher than others.

  3. Analyzing and optimizing your HTML documents and websites to improve their ranking.

  4. Querying results listings of search engines.

  5. Generating doorway pages.

The results of your analysis are then summarized in professional reports.

Ranking Toolbox is a tool for experts and includes a rating system that helps you to develop your own rating criteria. In contrast to other so-called 'ranking optimizers' the Ranking Toolbox analyzes search engines dynamically, i.e. you can determine you own ranking criteria!

The integrated search engines database editor allows you to modify and extend the search engines database according to your own needs.

Using the integrated FTP tool, you can transfer your optimized HTML documents to your FTP server. If the FTP client WISE-FTP 2.0 is installed on your computer, you can use existing FTP accounts and transfer your files directly from Ranking Toolbox via WISE-FTP. You can also use another tool that is already installed.

Using the integrated HTML editor, you can edit your HTML documents and validate your HTML code. This helps you to avoid mistakes in the HTML code.

With the help of our link exchange program Link Partner Depot you can establish link partnerships with websites of your interest. That way you can improve your website's ranking. From Ranking Toolbox version 4.0 on you can use this tool for free.