Search engines analysis

The Search engines analysis is a powerful tool which allows you to analyze the search results of search engines in order to determine why a certain website is higher ranked than another one.

No matter how often a search engine changes its algorithm for generating search results, this tool allows you to find out the way search engines generate their ranking.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Select a search engine.

  2. Enter the keywords you want to check.

HINT: Using the analysis tool, you want to achieve general knowledge about search engines. Therefore, the result does not depend on the keyword (criteria which are valid for the keyword "house", will also be valid for the keyword "garden").
Many keywords are "much sought-after" and that is why many webmasters "hide" the content of their websites, or make their websites only available to specific robots, when they achieved high ranking at a search engine.
For this reason, you'll probably get misleading results when you use keywords like "software" or "holiday" for the Search engines analysis. It is recommended to use extraordinary keywords, like for example, "astronaut food" or "brain surgery".

  1. Specify the number of matches to scan.

  2. Click the Scan results button.

  3. As soon as the results have been retrieved by the program, you'll find the matches in Available URL(s).

  4. In Available URL(s), select at least two results, e.g. the first and last one.

  5. Click Analyze.

The important criteria will be displayed in a table. These criteria help you to determine the differences between the selected matches.

TIP:For more detailed information about the differences between a top ranked document and a low ranked document, see  Optimization Analysis .