Automatic submission

The Section Automatic submission lists all search services to which Hello Engines! offers automatic submission.

Note: Before you can start submitting your site, you have to select at least one website which you want to submit  in the section Websites on the right side! Click the button Project Sites in the menu to see an overview over the websites you entered in the Project section of Hello Engines!.                                                                                     

To learn more about the selection of search services go to the part Select Search Services.

Click the Submit button and start to automatically submit your website (as you have configured it through the details) to the search services listed here. The program checks whether you can submit your data to all search services. Possible errors or warnings are displayed. Connect to the Internet before clicking Submit.

A Status report is displayed after submission.

Note: All reply pages from search engines are saved in the directory \HTML (or the one you selected under program options) after automatic submission. Double-click file in Windows Explorer to view. These files are saved in subdirectories, depending on your program options, and may be reloaded at any time.


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