Metatags Wizard

The Metatag Generator Wizard helps to create meta tags. Meta tags are necessary, because many search engines index the pages of websites by means of the keywords you enter via meta tags. Using the Metatag Generator Wizard you can either generate new meta tags or import meta tags from existing HTML files. You can also insert the created meta tags directly into your HTML documents. To open the wizard select Metatag from the Wizards section. Now follow the wizard's steps by clicking Next.


Select the source of your meta data. Enter the data manually, i.e. you fill in each of the fields in the following step yourself, or you import data from an existing HTML file. You can also import data from a current Hello Engines! project or from an online URL. Then click Next to go to the Meta Data page.

Meta Data

On this page the imported meta data is displayed. You can also fill in the fields manually:


To generate meta tags from the information you have entered, click the Generate button from the Generate page. If you have used special characters (e.g. '', '&' etc.) in the field Keywords Hello Engines! will replace them automatically with suitable HTML codes. Then click Next.

Target selection

In this step of the wizard, you can select, whether you want to paste generated meta data into existing HTML files, save it to a meta tag file (.mtg) or copy it to clipboard. Enter the respective path and click Next to exit the wizard.