Metatag Generator

The Metatag Generator is a tool that automatically generates meta tags to put into every page that you create and publish. You can generate meta tags in Dublin Core format or standard tags. To finally generate meta tags, use the Generate button.  With Insert you can add meta tags to HTML documents quickly and easily and with Copy to clipboard you can transfer your meta tags to the clipboard.

Every single page of your site should have individual meta tags referring to the respective content of that page.

Choose between three starting options to create meta tags:

Tip: Import an existing HTML file to check whether it contains valid meta tags.

Choose one of the options and, if necessary, complete the details.

Use Import to read existing meta tags from existing HTML files or from an online URL and to edit or insert them into other documents.

Use the directory tree to get to the entry fields for the meta data.

To create valid meta tags for the page:

  1. Fill in all detail forms in Hello Engines!.

  2. Select the Metatag-Generator in the Tools section.

  3. Click Import to copy entries from the details form. You can also generate meta tags which are completely independent of your details.

  4. Choose Dublin Core Tags or Standard Tags from the directory tree and enter the meta data. Make sure that all Standard Tags fields are filled in. If you need help to a certain field, click it and press F1.

  5. Click Generate in the directory tree in order to display the meta tags. Choose the tags to be generated.

  6. Choose Generate from the Metatags menu in order to display the meta tags in the output window. You can change DTD version to obtain results in the corresponding type.

  7. The target files menu provides the possibility to add files and folders for insertion to the list of files. Press the Edit HTML button to edit the specified HTML file.

  8. Open the HTML file you want to use the meta tags for, and paste them to the Head section (between "<HEAD>" and "</HEAD>") or use Insert from the directory tree in order to insert the meta tags automatically in HTML files.