One-Minute Wizard

The One-Minute Wizard guides you through the first steps of submission. It assists you while entering the most important website and personal details needed for submission. To open the One-Minute Wizard go to the Wizards section and click One-Minute. Now follow the wizard's steps by clicking Next. If you wish to display the One-Minute Wizard by default at program start, check the check box on the Welcome page.

Note: The wizard will only submit your website to spider search engines. To register your website with directories, fill in all detail fields in the program.

Website Details

Enter your website details. The Next button is only activated, if you have filled in all the fields.

Personal Details

Enter your personal details. Please fill in all the fields, otherwise the Next button is not activated. If you cannot fill in a field, enter a slash.

What to do

In this last step, choose between:

Select Engines

On this page you select the search services you wish to submit your website to. Select the desired search services and click Next. Finally you get a report about the success of submission.