General Options

In the Options dialog box under General you can adjust general settings.

You may choose between the following options:

Display tip of the day: If this check box is activated the dialog box Tip of the Day is displayed at every startup of Ranking Toolbox.

Show balloon tooltips: If this check box is activated a message is displayed when clicking a field for which a balloon tooltip exists.

Balloon tooltips contain useful information and important hints.

Note: If you wish a balloon tooltip to a certain field not to be displayed again, activate check box Don't show this message again under the displayed tooltip. Thus only certain balloon tooltips can be shielded. Balloon tooltips to other fields will be displayed again.

Check for updates at startup:  If this check box is activated Hello Engines! starts the Update Manager at every startup.

Open last project at startup: If this check box is activated the project which was edited before closing Hello Engines! is opened at startup.


You may also choose between different user interface languages for Ranking Toolbox from the provided list.


Under Web Files you can select which file types are to be analyzed by the Site Checker modules, like e.g. Link Checker, HTML Validator etc. By default Ranking Toolbox recognizes .htm, .html, .asp, and .php files. If your page, however, includes HTML files with the extension .stm you can add this extension here so that Ranking Toolbox recognizes these files as well.