Network Options

Here you configure proxy and transfer settings.

Proxy settings

If you are using a proxy server you need to configure Ranking Toolbox so that it can connect to the Internet.

In most cases, no changes need to be made as most Internet connections work without proxy servers.

Tip: If you are not sure whether you are using a proxy server, click the System Settings button. If your computer is configured correctly, proper settings will be used automatically, and no further changes need to be made.

To make special proxy settings, activate the check box Use HTTP Proxy, and type in the required information in the fields Proxy (e. g. 'http://myproxy') and Proxy Port (e.g. '8080'). If required, type in user name and password. (This section should only be changed by advanced users. If in doubt, contact your system administrator.)

Note: In the Proxy field, type in 'http://...' in front of the proxy server address.


Transfer settings

Max. simultaneous connections:

Enter the number of threads to be activated for data transfer. Threads are processes which are carried out simultaneously. If five threads are activated five search engines can be reached at a time. This helps avoiding delays as data can be sent to the next search service while you are waiting for the reply from the first one.

If you have any doubts, do not make any changes here. With five activated threads, the data transfer is already extraordinary fast so that an increased number of threads is not necessary.

Warning: If you decide to increase the number of activated threads for transfer from a PC with slow processor speed (e. g. 133 MHz) and limited RAM, or if several other applications are running on your PC, they might respond only very slowly to your commands and your PC might even crash altogether!

We recommend to only increase the number of activated threads if you transfer data from a high-performance computer with at least 64 MB RAM!

Timeout in seconds:

Here you determine how many seconds the program takes for the connection to a search service.

Note: If the value is too low, the number of errors might increase because the connection is interrupted too early.