Personal Data

Fill in all fields under Project/Personal Data to ensure that your website can be submitted correctly. If you leave fields empty, you will get an error message when trying to submit your website.

This section is divided into three subsections:

Warning: Note that a few search service providers might use the entered data for purposes other than the registration of your website (e. g. advertising by unsolicited email.) However, most search service providers will ignore your submission if you enter an invalid email address.

Never reply to unsolicited email advertising! If you send a reply, you only confirm that your email address is valid. This is an incentive for the sender to continue sending unsolicited mail, and to pass your email address on to others. You may take legal action against unsolicited emails, provided you can identify the original sender. Serious companies will never send unsolicited email advertising, therefore you should ALWAYS ignore such messages!

Tip: Set up a new email account (e. g. at Hotmail, which you only use for the purpose of registering with search services. This way your corporate email address is protected from spam mails (unfortunately, they will arrive sooner rather than later...) Only enter data that you would otherwise make accessible to the wider public (e. g. do not submit your private phone number).


After completing all field you should save your data. In order to do so, click Save in the menu bar.


Import data from a CSV file (.csv) or a project file (.sit) and take them over to your current project.


Export the data entered into a CSV file.


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