Ranking Analysis

With the Ranking Analysis you can find websites, which contain certain keywords and have the highest ranking of the analyzed search engines.

Use the analysis function as follows:

Select the search engine to be queried. Enter a keyword to be analyzed or select one from the list and define the max. amount of URLs your result should contain. Start the query process.

A list of URLs will be displayed in the Top URL area. These sites have the best ranking for the entered keyword. Select the URL you want to analyze from the list. Use the Open URL button to view the website in your standard browser.

Click Rapid Analysis for generating a report on the keyword frequency. The Quick Analysis Result area will display a report with statistics indicating how often the keyword appears in the HTML tags for description, keywords, title, body and links.

Under the Report menu item you can export the report to a file, display a preview or print it. You can also open and edit your report in an external program. Adapt your HTML reports by clicking the Customize button.


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