Ranking Optimization

The Ranking Optimization section is an important tool for analyzing and optimizing your website. Identify deficits in your website’s optimization for search engines and improve your ranking as follows:

  1. Enter the URL you want to analyze and add it to the list by clicking on the Add button. You can also view any selected website in your standard web browser or delete it from the URL list.  

  2. Enter a keyword on which to base your analysis and click Add. You can add as many additional keywords as you like. Uncheck the keywords you do not wish to include in the analysis.

  3. Click Analyze to perform the analysis.

The optimization report is shown at the bottom. It displays information about the different areas of your website, their titles, descriptions, page sizes etc. In addition, the analysis is provided in relation to the keyword(s) you entered. The report shows how close the website is to the design optimum for search engines in relation to a given keyword, expressed in percent.  

The Notifications and warnings tab provides detailed recommendations for areas that require additional work. For instance, a warning will be displayed if a keyword does not appear in the document name.

The To-Do List tab displays a table with three columns:

By clicking on Report in the menu, you can export your report to a file, create a preview or print the report. You can also modify the report to fit your needs by clicking on Customize. Edit it or open it in the associated program.


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