Site Scanner

Use the Site Scanner to read all links and HTML documents of a site. This might be useful, if you, for example, want to clean your web server and quickly determine unused documents.

To use the Site Scanner, select Site Scanner from the Tools section, and proceed as follows:

  1. In URLs to scan, type in the root URL to be read.

  2. Determine the Scan depth. If you enter, for example, 100, the program will not only check the start page (the selected URL), but will also check linked pages to a depth of 100.

  3. Determine Max. pages, i.e. the number of scanned documents. Note that this might take quite long, if you enter a high value, and the option Internal links only is deactivated.

  4. Select whether the program should check HTML files only, or other files as well, e.g. php, cgi, asp. To ignore external links (e.g. ad banners, partner sites, etc.), activate Internal links only.

  5. Under Links to scan, determine which HTML areas are to be checked, e.g. links within tables, linked images, etc.

  6. Then click Scan to start the reading process. The amount of time needed depends on the complexity of your site and the speed of your connection.

  7. When the scan has finished, all found links are displayed.  


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