Website Scanner Wizard

The Website Scanner wizard reads your website and comprises all sub-sites of your website. The result is displayed in a clear list and can be exported in a text file. To open the Website Scanner wizard select Site Scanner from the Wizards section. Now follow the wizard's steps by clicking Next.

URL to scan

On this page you enter the URL you wish to scan. You can also enter a sub-folder , e. g. Then click Next, to go to the next step of the wizard.


Here you can define scan options.

Object Types

Select what Site Scanner should check. Check the HTML files only check box, if you want the program to search for HTML documents only and not for php, cgi, asp files etc. To ignore external links (e.g. ad banners, partner sites, etc.), activate Internal links only.


Here you select which HTML tags should be treated as links. Select the corresponding tags from the window and click Next. Then you are informed that Site Scanner is ready for scanning. Click Next to start the process.


When the process is completed, the results page is displayed. Then you can save the results or copy them to clipboard. To do so click the corresponding button.