Important hints

Although Hello Engines! makes submitting your website quick and easy, it is recommended to read the following hints to make your submission a success.

  1. A basic rule is that search services are intended to provide information for users, and to facilitate navigating the Internet enter only relevant keywords! Do not enter keywords which have no relevance to your website. (Some webmasters believe that by entering certain keywords, e.g. "sex", "crack", "mp3" etc., they will increase their websites' ranking and/or hits. We advise you not to do that.). Before submitting your website, you should think about strategic keywords. These are keywords that a user might type in to find your website in a search service.

  2. Use the integrated Meta Tag Generator to generate valid meta tags, and add them to your web pages. Meta tags are nothing mystical, but very easy to understand. Every single page of your website should have an appropriate descriptions and suitable keywords. This might be time-consuming, but it is vital to the success of your website.

  3. Think about your website's position in the result listings of search services, but do not worry about it! There is a difference. Do not try to change your website's position through so-called "insider tricks" or "ranking optimizers". It is more advisable to provide high-quality content and optimize your site for the keywords you chose.  

  4. It may take up to 6 weeks before your website is actually listed in the search engine. Especially in directories, you should wait at least 6 weeks before resubmitting your website. (Some search services might reject your submission if you do not comply with their criteria). Only submit your website once to directories (e.g. Yahoo). Then wait at least 6 weeks. Check whether you are listed. If yes, do not resubmit your site. You can resubmit your website to search engines regularly, for example, when you have made important changes. But do not repeat that process too often, as this might lead to your website being removed from the search service!

  5. Do not submit your website before it is finished and tested. Especially in directories, do not submit websites which are "Under Construction". Providers will surely ignore such a submission!

  6. Use the index Index,follow and submit only the main (home) page of your website. This ensures that almost all search engines also list all sub pages of your site automatically. Additionally, you can submit important pages to engines. In directories, you should only submit the main page of your website.

  7. Never use websites which promise to submit your site to hundreds or even thousands of search services for free. Often, these websites "only" ask you to place a banner on your website. But the result is: you are advertising for these promoters for free and do not get anything in return (at least nothing useful). In most cases, these promoters do not even submit your website (but they send you a log anyway) or they submit your website to useless free-for-all link lists. It might happen as well that your website is banned from a search service altogether because it has been submitted too often! Submitting your website is so vital that you should always control it yourself. That is why Hello Engines! saves search engine replies. If your website is submitted too often, e.g. because you are using "services" of several free "promoters", this might be considered spamming (see user manual) by most search services. Usually, this leads to your website being banned.

  8. Many "promoters" promise the impossible. It is not trustworthy (because it is impossible) to guarantee that a submitted site will figure among the Top 10 search results in a certain search service. There cannot be such guarantee (at least if only such methods are used which are accepted by search service providers)! It might be possible, knowing all the special features of a search service and using all acceptable methods and tricks, to reach the best possible result. But if your ranking is 1 or 1.230 cannot be predicted. (Only exception: "purchasing" a certain ranking directly from a search service.)