How to generate doorway pages

Generally, we do not recommend to use doorway pages (see About doorway pages). However, there are some cases in which the use of doorway pages might be reasonable. This is why Ranking Toolbox offers you a module for generating doorway pages and it is up to you if you want to use doorway pages. In the following you get to know how Ranking Toolbox generates doorway pages.

The program generates HTML documents in a specified folder. These documents focus on specific keywords, in other words, they aim to achieve the best position possible at search engines for these keywords.  

The generated documents cannot be seen by the visitors, they lead them immediately to specified document (normally the start page of your website). This is why the program generates a JavaScript file which leads to the desired target page.

Note: The template you use is important for the success of doorway pages. You can use the templates of the program or adjust it according to your needs.