Unlock to full version

To work with Ranking Toolbox, you need to unlock the software.

Important: To unlock Ranking Toolbox you need to be connected to the internet.

Please take the following steps:


Step 1: Entering personal details

Here you enter your personal details.


Important: Please enter a valid email address. You need to enter an email address that you can access during the activation. Do not use email addresses of third persons as you need to enter the activation key which is sent to that address to complete activation.


Step 2: Requesting activation key

Click the Request Activation Key button. Your activation key is sent to the specified email address within a few minutes.

Enter the activation key into the Activation Key field.

Important: Request a new activation key if you need to activate your software again. Do not keep your activation key, because it will be invalid if you need to activate your software again, e. g. if you need to install the application on a new pc.


Step 3: Entering unlock code

Enter the unlock code which you received when ordering the software.


Step 4: Restarting the application

Finally the application is restarted.

Note: After restarting you will know if the activation has been successful.