Entering the URL

In this section, you learn how to check the ranking of your website. Go to the Ranking/URL(s) program section and proceed as follows:

  1. Click the Add button to add the URL to your project, or click Scan... to read all documents of the website. This saves time because you do not need to enter all the related URLs manually.

  2. The dialog box Scanning for links opens where you can make the following settings:

    Dialog box 'Scanning for links'

    Links to check: Here you determine whether the program should check HTML files only, or other files as well, e.g. php, cgi, asp. To ignore external links (e.g. ad banners, partner sites, etc.), check the Internal links only checkbox.

    Link tags to scan:
    Here you determine which HTML areas are to be checked, e.g. links within tables, linked images, etc.

    Scan depth:
    Here you define the scan depth. If you enter, for example, 100, the program will not only check the start page (the URL you defined in the URL field), but also the linked pages to a depth of 100.

    Max. pages:
    Here you define the number of scanned documents. Note that this might take quite long, if you enter a high value, and the Internal links only option is deactivated.

    Thread count:
    Define the number of threads to be followed. If the links of a document link to another document which also links to a document, the program follows this thread until there are no more links.

  3. Then click the Scan button to start scanning. The duration of the scanning process depends on the complexity of your website and the speed of your connection.

  4. After the scanning process, all the links that were found are displayed.

  5. To add links to your project, select them and click the Add links button. If you do not add a link, the program asks you if you wish to continue. This prevents you from having to repeat the scanning process if you close the Scanning for links dialog box by accident.

  6. If you want to go to the URL, click the Go to URL button.

  7. Then click Next, to go to the Keywords program section.