Entering keywords

After having entered the URL and all related URLs, type in the Ranking/Keywords program section the keywords for which you wish to determine the ranking at search services:

  1. If not already displayed, open the Keywords section by clicking Ranking/Keywords in the navigation bar.

  2. In the Keyword field enter the desired keyword, and click Add.

  3. If you wish to find other keywords that are similar to the entered keyword, click the Suggest button.

  4. The Keyword wizard dialog box opens.

  5. In the Keyword field, the keyword you entered in the Ranking/Keyword program section is displayed.

  6. Click Generate to find additional keywords.

  7. From the Available keywords field, select the keywords you wish to add to your project and click Insert.

  8. If you wish to insert keywords from a text file, click the Open button in the Ranking/Keywords program section, and select the respective file. You can also paste keywords from clipboard by clicking Clipboard.

  9. Then click Next.

In the next step you may compare your position to your competitor's position. If you do not wish to enter a competitor's URL, skip this step and go to the Search engines program section.