Viewing optimization report

After having analyzed the desired HTML document, you get a detailed report of your analysis in the Optimization/Optimization analysis program section.

  1. On the Analysis tab, you find an overview of the analysis. From the URLs field select a URL for which you wish to view the overview.

  2. Select the Document information tab, to get information about the URL selected in the URLs field.

  3. If you want to know which areas necessarily need to be revised, click the Hints and Warnings tab.

  4. From the drop down menu Keyword, select the keyword for which you wish to view the report.

  5. You will then get a detailed report. In the following you find an overview of the parts of the report:

NOTE: Areas that you have deactivated in the Optimization rating system options dialog box, do not appear in the report.

In the next section you learn how to optimize your website using the Optimization wizard.